The Location For Sin City’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ VR Zombie Adventure Has Just Been Revealed

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The Location For Sin City’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ VR Zombie Adventure Has Just Been Revealed

Battle the dead to save the living at this pulse-racing zombie VR experience opening in Las Vegas!

Netflix’s high-octane Army of the Dead combines zombie movies with a nail-biting Las Vegas heist, and now you can relive that adrenaline with the Viva Las Vengeance VR experience.

Taking place at the recently revealed one-of-a-kind entertainment complex Area15, this exclusive prequel experience created with filmmakers will give you an inside look into what happened right before Vegas was sealed off to the world to contain the (un)deadly threats!

In this action-packed touring location-based VR experience, players will team up with a civilian search-and-rescue crew known as “Las Vengeance” to battle the throngs of zombies who have taken over Sin City. 

With high-end virtual reality headsets, assault weapons with realistic recoil, and state-of-the-art motion platforms, you’ll be able to see, hear and feel every single shot, attack, and explosion.

Area 15 is only a short 8-minute ride from The Strip. There’s plenty else to do in this experiential retail and entertainment complex. There are unique experiences like ax throwing, volcano zip line racing, and a psychedelic supermarket. There is also a great restaurant and bar, as well as spots to grab delicious desserts! With so much to do, you can make a whole day of it!

After you check-in and pick your avatar and weapons, you’ll be briefed by the fearless Maria Cruz (played by Ana de la Reguera) on the undead army that has taken over and the objective of your mission: rescuing the few lone survivors from hordes of flesh-hungry Shamblers with five other members of your team.

Then you’ll head to a replica of the taco truck from the movie, now tricked-out to penetrate zombies, and suit up in your VR headset, hand trackers, and physical (simulated) weapon with real kick to let the games begin. You may even get to interact with the snarling zombie tiger Valentine!..


Viva Las Vengeance opens on October 13. Get your tickets here!


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