Celebrate The Year Of The Ox At Bellagio Conservatory’s Lunar New Year Display

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Celebrate The Year Of The Ox At Bellagio Conservatory’s Lunar New Year Display

These gorgeous gardens are on display for ‘A Season of Love.’

The Bellagio has yet again transformed its breathtaking 14,000-square-foot botanical garden into a horticultural ode to the season, this time in celebration of the Lunar New Year (Friday, February 12). The new display is called ‘A Season of Love’ and is designed to honor the Year of the Ox. It’s a beautiful and elaborate display that takes inspiration from Asian art and architecture, with many elements representing prosperity, strength and tenacity in the new year. 

“This beautiful Lunar New Year display is specially designed to honor the Year of the Ox, focus on love and evoke inspiration in the new year,” said designer Ed Libby in a press release. “This year, perhaps more than ever, we can all use an added dose of inspiration and love.”

[Image: Bellagio Las Vegas]
‘A Season of Love’ was created and intricately put together by Libby and 75 members of Bellagio’s talented horticulture staff. It features four stunning floral scenes and was designed with Feng Shui in mind, making it the perfect place to come for an extra little boost of positive energy.

The four scenes, organized by cardinal directions, are each filled with meaningful floral sculptures that instill a sense of peace and harmony. Every detail was carefully thought out, including elements like Chinese Foo Dog water fountains in the the South Bed to drive away negative energy, giant jade medallions hovering above for prosperity, good luck and success, as well as massive gold cherry blossom branches hovering above the East Bed for durability and rebirth.

[Image: Bellagio Las Vegas]
The space is absolutely mesmerizing, full of beautiful bright colors and metallic accents of gold and copper. At the East Bed, two golden oxen take a powerful stance on a red and gold bridge, representing the strength to overcome challenges in the new year. A towering flower Pagoda sits in the North Bed, surrounded by Banyan trees, flowing water, giant hanging lanterns and children made from flowers.

The focal point of Bellagio’s Lunar New Year display lies in the West Bed. A statuesque Jade Pavilion commands visitors’ attention, accompanied by a massive moon displaying the Ox symbol, willow and Bonsai trees, metallic cattail plants, and whimsical copper Bonsai tree rain fountains. There are even a couple of magpie birds flying above, giving visitors something beautiful to look at in every corner of the space.

[Image: Bellagio Las Vegas]
The gardens are a total sensorial treat, with over 125,000 plants, flowers, shrubs and trees on display throughout the conservatory. The conservatory & botanical gardens are open daily and there is no admission fee. They are located right next to the hotel lobby. Visitors can enjoy this year’s Lunar New Year Display through Saturday, March 6.

Location: Bellagio Hotel & Casino, 3600 S Las Vegas Boulevard


[Featured images courtesy of Bellagio Las Vegas]

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