Criss Angel’s New Restaurant Is The Talk Of The Town…For Its Particularly Odd Name

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Criss Angel’s New Restaurant Is The Talk Of The Town…For Its Particularly Odd Name

Criss Angel, the celebrity magician of Mindfreak fame, is opening a restaurant called Cablp

Angel has a long history with Vegas; he filmed the first two seasons of Mindfreak in Planet Hollywood back in 2004. He currently has a show there.

Angel was on a dirt bike family outing in the Moapa Valley near Valley of Fire State Park when he and his family stopped at Sugar’s Home Plate, northeast of Las Vegas in Overton, Nevada. “My family and I fell in love with the area when we took our son, Johnny Crisstopher, dirt biking nearby.” Angle decided to buy the restaurant and team up with his brother Costa Sarantakos and pizza maker Mike Baram.

But what does Cablp mean? Is it a mysterious spell? Perhaps something more occult? Well, not exactly. Cablp stands for Criss Angel Breakfast Lunch and Pizza. The pronunciation will surely be mysterious to many!

As ridiculously hard to pronounce as the name is, the restaurant venture’s story is heartwarming. Angle was inspired by his brave 7-year-old son Crisstopher who was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago.

Cablp will open in July and will also periodically act as a Magic Room.
But Criss wants to help this community he and his family have found comfort in. “The more time we spent there, the more we got to know the town and the amazing people. When the opportunity came to invest in the community with this restaurant, we jumped at it.”

Cablp will have a free meal outreach program for underprivileged and pediatric cancer families as well as a youth job program. Angel also plans to build Criss Angel’s Escape Camp Adventures on 14 acres at the start of the Logandale trails down the road. Which he hopes will help “families going through the most challenging times a beautiful escape to camp, ride, and eat for free.”

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