A Las Vegas Local Hit The Jackpot Of Election Distractions Yesterday

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A Las Vegas Local Hit The Jackpot Of Election Distractions Yesterday

And the winner for best election distraction goes to…

As if 2020 weren’t already enough, we are now in the midst of one of the most historical and anticipated elections in the U.S. and the whole world is watching. Election Day has passed, but because of mass amounts of mail-in ballots due to the pandemic, the nation is forced to be patient as poll workers rush to count every last vote.

And the stress levels are soaring. Election angst hits us all in different ways. Some remain glued to their computers constantly refreshing the stats. Some refrain from looking at all and just hope for the best. And others binge on good takeout and their drink of choice.

One lucky person, however, seems to have hit the Holy Grail of distractions. A Las Vegas local hit the big jackpot yesterday morning after playing the Game King Keno machine! The lucky winner, who has asked to remain anonymous, took away $250,000 after investing just $1 into the game at Boulder Station hotel-casino. It’s the highest value prize you can win in the game.

Not a bad way to start off this November!

[Featured image: Steve Sawusch via Unsplash]

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