Get In The Autumnal Mood Apple And Pumpkin Picking In Vegas

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Get In The Autumnal Mood Apple And Pumpkin Picking In Vegas

The Gilcrease Orchard is a beautiful spot to get away from the city’s hustle and get into the autumnal mood!

This natural wonderland’s history goes back to the 1920s with the Gilcrease family. The family initially owned 900 acres and gradually sold most of the land, leaving the Orchard the last vestige of the family ranching era.

Ted Gilcrease commissioned the Board of Trustees to maintain the Orchard and provide educational and recreational activities for the public! Brothers Ted and Bill Gilcrease dreamt that the Orchard could become a place where families could bring their children and enjoy nature like they did growing up.

The 60 acres in Gilcrease Orchard is an agricultural gem where you can visit and handpick your own fruits and vegetables throughout the year. You’ll get the chance to pick apples, pumpkins, and more right off the vine!
Be sure to wear comfortable and durable shoes since you will be doing plenty of walking. With that in mind, be sure also to pack water, wear sunscreen, and bring your own bags to carry the delicious produce you pick!

Gilcrease Orchard has many goodies for sale. This includes their Famous Apple Cider which is made with nothing but a mix of gala, yellow gala, and an early red variety!

They also have these delicious treats available:
Peaches $1.50 per lb
Sunflowers $2 each
Apple Cider Pint $2
Apple Cider 1/2 gallon $5
Pear Cider Pint $2
Donuts w/ cinnamon sugar (box of six) $6
Donuts w/ cinnamon frosting (box of six) $7
Cucumbers $1 per lb
Butternut squash $1 per lb
Spaghetti squash $1 per lb
Onions $.50 per lb
Kettle Corn $4
Peanut butter $5
Almond butter $8

We highly recommend you do not leave before trying the mouthwatering apple cider donuts and festive kettle corn! The pumpkin patch opens in late September, and it is a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween and Autumn!

The Gilcrease non-profit foundation provides kids with recreational and educational experiences. They hope this will harvest an appreciation of where food comes from and how it is grown. Bill, who passed away at 98 in 2017, wanted his family legacy to be remembered and enjoyed by visitors. “We built the Orchard with the intention it would be around for a very long time.” – Bill Gilcrease.

Location: 7800 North Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV, 89131


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