Aria Resort & Casino Built A Life-Size Winter Wonderland Palace Made Of Sugar And 400 Pounds Of Icing

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Aria Resort & Casino Built A Life-Size Winter Wonderland Palace Made Of Sugar And 400 Pounds Of Icing

If you have anything remotely close to a sweet tooth, this wintery hotel lobby is a must-see this season.

Aria has adorned their retail area with another holiday display this year, and this one is even grander than the last. This season welcomes another candy house, but instead of last year’s fabulous gingerbread house, Aria went with something even sweeter.

This year the resort’s display is a Winter Wonderland featuring a life-sized candy house made of pure sugar. Sugar Palace, as it’s been dubbed, stands at 15 feet tall and involves an amount of sugar that’ll make you crash just thinking about. It’s got 400 pounds worth of royal icing and the front window alone weighs a literal ton!

The Winter Wonderland display as a whole includes 1,000 bricks made from over 700 pounds of sugar and 500 tiles from more than 1,000 pounds of cooked sugar. Five pastry chefs used seven different techniques to manipulate the sugar, including pulling, blowing, pouring, pressing, spraying, dipping and piping.

We’re no sweets experts, but we can only imagine how complicated a structure like this is to build. We’ve all seen our fair share of Nailed It! and Cupcake Wars. Sugar Palace took over a month to complete and the project took nearly 50 team members to construct it all.

And the work put in is reflected in its wintery magnificence. The display is adorned with everything you can imagine: snowy trees, icicles, snowflakes, swans, ballerinas, sparkly ornaments, lots of glitter and countless other decorations.

Check out Aria’s full list of Winter Wonderland numbers below:

  • 5: ARIA Pastry Chef team members created the Sugar Palace
  • 7: Sugar techniques used – pulled, blown, poured, pressed, sprayed, dipped and piped
  • 1,000: Sugar bricks created from more than 700 pounds of sugar
  • 500: Sugar tiles created from more than 1,000 pounds of cooked sugar
  • 400: Pounds of royal icing used to construct the Sugar Palace
  • One Ton: Weight of the Sugar Palace’s front window (2,000 pounds)
  • 76: Average pounds of sugar one person consumes in a year
  • 47: MRE team members involved in the display’s assembly
  • 500: Crystals used on the Winter Wonderland forest
  • 7: Types of ornaments hand-carved for the display – carousel horses, ballerinas, pirate ships, musical horns, trains, snowflakes and swans
  • 20: Pounds of glitter
  • 10: Gallons of white paint

The retail area is open for visitors to see Winter Wonderland now through January 5, 2021. The area is open from Monday to Thursday 12pm – 8pm and Friday to Sunday 12pm – 10pm. And as I’m sure you can imagine, there are plenty of sweet treats on sale onsite!

Location: 3730 S Las Vegas Ave, Las Vegas

[Featured image: MGM Resorts International]

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