13 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Friday The 13th In 2020

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13 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Friday The 13th In 2020

Keep your head on a swivel, everyone.

For non-superstitious folk, Friday the 13th has long been a non-event, somewhere between an oddity and an office anecdote. At most Friday the 13th has been excuse to watch a scary movie – maybe even starring Jason Vorhees to get meta – but otherwise, the blue moon event is just a day another day the week. In 2020, however, a year plagued with disaster, turmoil, and murder hornets every step of the way, there’s a touch more cause for concern. Given the circumstances, we’ve rounded up 13 reactions on social media that we can all relate to for Friday the 13th in 2020:

1. Best case scenario.

2. Just pretend it’s not happening.

3. There’s ANOTHER one??

4. Something’s not right…

5. Bird counting sounds like the safe option today.

6. Regarding this year in general.

7. When it dawns on you…

8. Yeah, probably.

9. If I see a black cat today I’m literally going to s*** my pants

10. Great day to quarantine, don’t ya think?

11. Fishing should not be on your itinerary.

12. Simpsons did it.

13. Me just waiting for the portal to open.